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2002 AW197

55565 2002 AW197

Potential Dwarf Planet of the Solar System

Proper NameNone
Minor Planet Designation55565 2002 AW197
Provisional Designation2002 AW197
Orbital Period325.2 years
Mean Distance from the Sun7,042.6 million km
47.1 AU
Rotation Period8 hours, 21 minutes
Diameter768 km (longest axis)
MoonsNone known
Parent starThe Sun, yellow dwarf star
Other planets in this systemMercury, terrestrial planet
Venus, terrestrial planet
Earth, terrestrial planet
Mars, terrestrial planet
Jupiter, gas giant
Saturn, gas giant
Uranus, ice giant
Neptune, ice giant
Numerous dwarf planets, asteroids and other bodies
NotesA body orbiting the Sun within the Kuiper Belt, 2002 AW197 appears to be essentially spherical, though not perfectly regular in shape. In common with other bodies in this region of the Solar System, its surface shows a distinct reddish tint.


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