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NGC 4006

IC 2983

Proper NamesNone
Messier NumberNone
NGC/IC NumberNGC 4006, IC 2983
Right Ascension11h 59m 3s
Declination-2° 13' 27"
Distancec.280,500,000 light years
c.86,000,000 parsecs
MagnitudeApparent: +14.2
Absolute: -20.5
Mean DiameterApparent: 1.5'
Actual: 123,000 light years
Hubble TypeE Elliptical; also classified cD (large Diffuse Elliptical)
Optimum VisibilityApril
NotesThis large elliptical galaxy lies within a distant group of some forty galaxies about 280 million light years from the Milky Way, far beyond the Virgo Cluster. Seen from Earth, NGC 4006 and the other members of its group occupy a region in the western parts of Virgo.