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IC 1613

Proper NameNone
Caldwell NumberC51
NGC/IC NumberIC 1613
Right Ascension1h 4m 54s
Declination+2° 8' 0"
Distancec.2,381,000 light years
c.730,000 parsecs
MagnitudeApparent: +9.4
Absolute: -14.9
Mean DiameterApparent: 18.3'
Actual: 12,700 light years
Hubble TypeI Irregular
Optimum VisibilityOctober
NoteA relatively small and faint irregular galaxy, notable as being one of the closest galaxies to the Milky Way. Its distance of some 2.4 million light years is comparable to that of the much larger Andromeda Galaxy, and like the Andromeda Galaxy it forms part of the Local Group along with the Milky Way itself.


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