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The Whale

Constellation FamilyPerseus
Celestial QuadrantPrimarily SQ1, extending into NQ1 and slightly into SQ4
Right Ascension23h58 to 3h24
Declination-24.9° to +10.5°
Area (sq deg)1,231
Brightest StarDiphda
Optimum VisibilityOctober / November
NotesThis constellation traditionally represents the sea-monster from which Perseus rescued Andromeda. Appropriately for a constellation named the 'Whale', by area it is one of the largest constellations in the sky, ranked fourth after Hydra, Virgo and Ursa Major.
Map of Cetus Map of Cetus

The constellation of the Whale wallows across the Celestial Equator, and is home to a number of important stars. Perhaps best known are Mira, a classic variable, and Tau Ceti, a famous near-neighbour of the Sun.


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