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La Caille Family

Constellation family of the southern sky

Number of members13
Member constellationsAntlia, Caelum, Circinus, Fornax, Horologium, Mensa, Microscopium, Norma, Octans, Pictor, Reticulum, Sculptor, Telescopium
Celestial QuadrantsSQ1, SQ2, SQ3, SQ4
Right AscensionCircumpolar
Declination-90° (Southern Celestial Pole) to -23° 35'
Total Area (sq deg)3,011
Brightest StarAlpha Circini in Circinus
Optimum VisibilitySome part of the Family is always visible from southern latitudes
Map of the La Caille Family Map of the La Caille Family

The La Caille Family combines thirteen constellations from across the southern hemisphere of the sky, including all those named by Nicolas-Louis de la Caille wiith a single exception (Pyxis, which is placed in the Heavenly Waters Family). These generally faint constellations are mainly named for instruments of the arts and sciences, scattered around the Southern Celestial Pole (marked 'SCP' on the map above, within the constellation of Octans the Octant).


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