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Melotte 144, NGC 6121

Proper NameNone
Messier NumberM4
NGC/IC NumberNGC 6121
Other DesignationsMelotte 144
Right Ascension16h 23m 35s
Declination-26° 31' 33"
Distancec.23,500 light years
c.7,200 parsecs
MagnitudeApparent: +5.6
Absolute: -6.1
DiameterApparent: 36'
Actual: 75 light years
Optimum VisibilityJune
NotesThis relatively loose globular cluster pursues an orbit around the Galactic nucleus that carries it around and through the Galactic disc over a period of about 116 million years. At a distance of some 7,200 light years, M4 is currently one of the closest globular clusters to the Sun.

In the constellation of Scorpius, not far from Antares as we view it from Earth, is the Globular Cluster M4. In reality, this cluster is more than ten times more distant than the famous red giant star, more than 7,000 light years away.


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