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3200 Phaethon

Asteroid Number3200
Asteroid GroupApollo Group
Asteroid FamilyPossibly associated with Pallas family in the main Asteroid Belt
Composition ClassF-type or B-type (carbonaceous)
Orbital Period1 year, 158 days
Distance from the SunSemi-Major Axis: 190,190,000 km (1.27 AU)
Perihelion: 20,940,800 km (0.14 AU)
Aphelion: 359,439,300 km (2.40 AU)
Diameter (Mean)5.8 km
NotesThis small asteroid follows an eccentric orbit through the inner Solar System that carries it across the orbits of all the inner planets including Earth, though at an inclined angle to the plane of the Solar System. Debris from this Apollo asteroid is the source of the Geminid meteor shower that occurs in mid-December each year.