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13 Egeria

Asteroid Number13
Asteroid GroupMain Asteroid Belt
Asteroid FamilyNot applicable
Composition ClassG-type (carbonaceous)
Orbital Period4 years, 49 days
Distance from the SunSemi-Major Axis: 385,370,000 km (2.58 AU)
Perihelion: 352,425,000 km (2.36 AU)
Aphelion: 418,315,000 km (2.80 AU)
Diameter (Mean)202 km
NotesEgeria is a carbonaceous asteroid with indications of an unusually high water content. It is a G-type asteroid, a relatively unusual class, though one that Egeria shares with the much more massive dwarf planet Ceres.

One of the earliest asteroids to be discovered, Egeria has a diameter of a little more than 200 kilometres. It orbits in the Asteroid Belt, but it follows an inclined path that takes it millions of kilometres above and below the plane of the Solar System.


Egeria is not spherical in shape, but instead has an irregular, elongated form. Its longest axis measures some 215km (or 133 miles), about a fifth the diameter of the largest asteroid, Ceres.

The orbit of Egeria

The orbit of Egeria within the Asteroid Belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.