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Made during the Years of the Trees; lost in Anduin III 1437
Housed beneath the Dome of Stars in Osgiliath
Made by Fëanor
The rightful users of the Stones were descendants of the House of Elendil and their appointees
Osgiliath is pronounced 'osgi'liath' ('ath' to rhyme with English 'path')
Osgiliath means 'Fortress of the (host of) stars'
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Stone of Osgiliath

The chief palantír of the South-kingdom

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The greatest of the seven palantíri of Middle-earth was the Stone that stood in Osgiliath, the ancient capital of Gondor. For 1,500 years or more, it was held beneath the Dome of Stars that gave the city its name. While most of the palantíri were small and portable, the Stone of Osgiliath was much larger, and could not be lifted by a Man.

The greatest of the Seeing-stones was also the first to be lost. During the early reign of Eldacar, a rebellion arose that came to be known as the Kin-strife. During this civil war, the city of Osgiliath was besieged and burned by the rebels, and the Stone was lost in the waters of the River Anduin.

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