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Citadel of the Stars

The ancient capital of Gondor

The city of Osgiliath, built on the river Anduin in the earliest days of Gondor. It took its name from its famous Dome of Stars, beneath which stood the great Stone of Osgiliath, most powerful of all the palantíri in Middle-earth. Also famed was its great stone bridge that spanned Anduin, connecting the two halves of the city.

Disaster befell in the year III 1437, when the true King of Gondor, Eldacar, was besieged in the city by Castamir the Usurper. That conflict left the city in flames, and the Master Stone was lost in the Great River. Further disaster was to follow: in III 1636, the Dark Plague reached Osgiliath and devastated its population. After that time the city was left partly deserted.

Nonetheless, the diminished city survived for another eight hundred years and more, until in III 2475 it suffered an invasion from a new and vicious type of Orcs, the Uruk-hai. Gondor fought back the invasion, but after that time Osgiliath was left an empty and ruinous place.

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