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The Smith

A title of Aulë

the Smith

A title given to the Vala Aulë, whose special province was in invention and making. One of the most important of the Powers, Aulë was named third among the Lords of the Valar after Manwë and Ulmo. He was said to have made Middle-earth itself, as well as much besides. It was Aulë who created the chain Angainor that bound Melkor, and the vessels of the Sun and Moon. Beyond even these he was the Maker of the race of the Dwarves, which he created in anticipation of the coming of the true Children of Ilúvatar. The Dwarves were given true life by Ilúvatar, and continued to revere their Maker, to whom they gave the name 'Mahal', and to follow him in dedicating themselves to the crafts of smithing and making.

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