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The Dwarves’ name for their creator

It was the Vala Aulë who created the seven Fathers of the Dwarves, the progenitors of the entire Dwarven race. The Dwarves gave their Maker a name of their own: Mahal. According to the tradition of the Dwarves, Mahal the Maker had told their Fathers of their fate: that after death, he would gather them in the Halls of Mandos in a place apart from the spirits of Elves and Men. After the Last Battle and the end of Arda, they believed, their own skill in making would be joined with that of Mahal, and they would aid him in the remaking of the World.



As the name given to Aulë by the Dwarves, Mahal presumably comes from the secret Khuzdul tongue, so the lack of an explanation is understandable. From the context of its introduction, it possibly means 'the Maker', but while it would certainly make sense for the Dwarves to call their creator 'the Maker', it'a far from clear whether this is the intended meaning of the name.

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