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Second Prophecy of Mandos

The prophecy of the remaking of the World

The second of the great prophecies made by Mandos (his first being the Prophecy of the North in which he recounted the Doom of the Noldor), in which he foretold the events surrounding the return of Melkor into the World. According to the prophecy, Melkor would evade the vigilance of the Valar and destroy the Sun and the Moon, but be driven from the sky into Valinor by Eärendil, where the Last Battle would be fought. There Melkor would finally be destroyed by Tulkas, aided by Eönwë and Túrin Turambar. After that time the World would be remade, and the three Silmarils would be recovered and used to recreate the Two Trees of Valinor, which would shed their silver and golden light over the whole of Arda.

The Second Prophecy belongs to an early phase of the tales of The Silmarillion, and it's unclear how much of this foretelling was intended to stand by Tolkien. The prophecy itself does not appear in the published Silmarillion, but there are allusions to it. For example, it is said that the Dwarves believed that they would aid Aulë ' the remaking of Arda after the Last Battle' (Quenta Silmarillion 2, Of Aulë and Yavanna) which appears to be a reference to the words of Mandos' prophecy.

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