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The end of the World, at least in its present form
The Last Battle will be fought in Valinor
Other names
The End will see the Dagor Dagorath or Last Battle, followed by the Second Music of the Ainur


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The End

The final days of Arda

An expression referring to the unmaking of the World, when Melkor will return out of the Void. The events of the End are recounted in the Second Prophecy of Mandos, which foretells the destruction of the Sun and the Moon by Melkor, who will then fight a Last Battle in Valinor. According to the Prophecy, Melkor will eventually be defeated by Tulkas, and it is also said that Manwë will at last descend from Taniquetil at that time. Events after this are not entirely clear, but it seems that the World will be remade in a Second Music of the Ainur, in which at least the spirits of Men will also play a part.

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