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The Númenórean

The title of Imrazôr of Belfalas

Imrazôr was a descendant of a noble line, said by their own tradition to have been founded by members of the Faithful party who travelled from Númenor and settled in Middle-earth before the Downfall and the founding of Gondor. The ancestors of Imrazôr were thus of Númenórean stock independent of the Royal House, giving rise to the title 'Imrazôr the Númenórean'. (Imrazôr could not, of course, literally have been a Númenórean, as Númenor had been destroyed two millennia before his time.)

It was Imrazôr the Númenórean who, according to tradition, wed an Elf-maid named Mithrellas, a companion of Nimrodel of Lórien. Their son Galador became the first Lord of Dol Amroth, and from him was descended, through many generations, Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth who fought in the War of the Ring.

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