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Anárion, the founder of the house, became joint King of Gondor in II 3320; his last royal descendant, Eärnur, was lost in III 2050 (the Royal House persisted for 2,171 years)
The descendants of Anárion, second son of Elendil, originally a joint ruler of Gondor with his brother Isildur
In the early days of Gondor the royal seat was at Osgiliath, but was later moved to Minas Anor (Minas Tirith)
Gondor is pronounced 'go'ndorr'
Gondor means 'land of (the people of) stone'
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Royal House of Gondor

Descendants of the rulers of the South-kingdom

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The extended house of the nobles and royalty of Gondor, descended from its first Kings. The house included the Kings of Gondor and their heirs, of course, but also their siblings and their descendants. On several occasions, the direct line of descent failed in Gondor, and other members of the house were called on to take up the Kingship. Most notable among these was Meneldil himself, the first King to rule Gondor in his own right, who took up the throne on the death of his uncle Isildur.

There are examples of members of the Royal House being granted important military roles. The great Gondorian general Eärnil was a member of the Royal House, being a descendant of Telumehtar, great-grandfather to the reigning King Ondoher. Indeed, when Ondoher and his heirs were lost, Eärnil eventually succeeded to the Kingship himself.

One important political role, however, was closed to members of the Royal House: that of Steward. When Rómendacil I created the Stewardship, he specified that no member of the House should ever take the role. The descendants of the House of Húrin, who would eventually take on the hereditary Stewardship of the realm, were noted as being of high Númenórean blood, but they were not members of the Royal House itself.

For a genealogical chart and list of all the known Kings of this Royal House from Elendil onward, see the entry for King of Gondor.

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