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Not used before c.III 2002;1 continued in use until at least the end of the Third Age
Minas Tirith, the chief city of Gondor in the later Third Age
Primarily members of the House of Húrin2
Minas Tirith is pronounced 'mi'nas' ti'rith'
Title of
Potentially at least two Kings of Gondor and twenty-six Ruling Stewards
Other names


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Lord of Minas Tirith

A title of Kings and Stewards

Strictly a title of any of the rulers of Gondor, but used most often of the Stewards who ruled in place of the King during the latter part of the Third Age.

For full lists and genealogies of all the Lords of Minas Tirith, see the entries for King of Gondor and Ruling Steward.



It was after the capture of Minas Ithil in III 2002 that Minas Anor was first known as Minas Tirith, and so the title 'Lord of Minas Tirith' could not have been used before that date. The city itself had been the seat of royalty dating back to King Anardil, who established it as Gondor's summer capital before III 411. At this time the equivalent title would have been 'Lord of Minas Anor', though is no record of that specific title ever being used.


The title 'Lord of Minas Tirith' is most associated with the Ruling Stewards descended from the House of Húrin, but in principle there were two Kings who might plausibly have used the title: Eärnil II and his son Eärnur, who ruled from Minas Tirith before the time of the Stewards. Aragorn and his descendants would also, at least in principle, have had a claim on the title.


About this entry:

  • Updated 22 July 2017
  • Updates planned: 1

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