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Lord of the White Tower

A title of the later rulers of Gondor

A title taken by Steward Denethor II, and doubtless by other Stewards before him and also possibly the four final Kings of Gondor. The title refers to the White Tower built by King Calimehtar in the year III 1900, so Calimehtar is the first of Gondor's rulers who could possibly have used the title. After Calimehtar, only three Kings ruled in Gondor (Ondoher, Eärnil II and Eärnur) before that line came to an end, and the Stewards took over the rule of the land. Thus all of the Ruling Stewards could have claimed the title 'Lord of the White Tower', and especially Ecthelion I, who rebuilt the Tower in III 2698, the last year of his rule.

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