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Minas Tirith was first so named in c.III 2002
The Kings were of the House of Anárion; the Ruling Stewards were of the House of Húrin
Minas Tirith is pronounced 'mi'nas ti'rith' (all the 'i' sounds here are short, so Minas is pronounced like 'minnas')
Other names
Ruler of Gondor; equivalent to both King of Gondor and later Ruling Steward


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Lord of Minas Tirith

A title of Kings and Stewards

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Strictly a title of any of the rulers of Gondor, but used most often of the Stewards who ruled in place of the King during the latter part of the Third Age.

For full lists and genealogies of all the Lords of Minas Tirith, see the entries for King of Gondor and Ruling Steward.

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