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Made in Valinor during the Years of the Trees; recovered from Morgoth's Iron Crown I 466; carried into the West I 5421
Captured from the vaults of Formenos by Morgoth, and held by him in Angband until late in the First Age; later carried across the Sea and borne into the sky from Valinor
Created by Fëanor
Ultimately held by Eärendil, a Half-elven counted among Elves
Other names
The light of the Jewel created the Star of Eärendil


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Great Jewel

One of the three Silmarils

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A name for the Silmaril recovered by Beren from Morgoth's Iron Crown, and afterwards borne by Lúthien in Dor Firn-i-Guinar.



The timeline for this entry shows the period during which the Great Jewel was held in Middle-earth. It was brought out of Aman by Morgoth about fifty years before the first rising of the Sun, and returned there by Eärendil on his voyages in the late First Age. It still survives as the Star of Eärendil in the West.

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