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Golden Tree

Laurelin of Valinor

One of the Two Trees of Valinor that stood on the mound of Ezellohar outside the gates of Valmar. The younger of the Two Trees, Laurelin's flowers fell in clusters from her branches like those of a laburnum tree, but shining with powerful golden light and dripping a shimmering dew. Laurelin the Golden Tree gave light to Valinor through the long Years of the Trees, but was ultimately destroyed by Melkor and Ungoliant at the time known as the Darkening of Valinor.

Before that disaster, Yavanna had created an image of the White Tree Telperion for the Elves, and a line of descendants of that tree continued even down to the time of the War of the Ring. The Golden Tree had no such descendants, but a replica of it stood for a time in the courts of Gondolin: this was Glingal, made by King Turgon himself. The greatest legacy of Laurelin, though, was her last golden fruit. Blessed by the Valar, this was sent aloft under the guidance of the Maia Arien to shine in the sky, and so the Sun was created.

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