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Probably came into use during the third millennium of the Third Age1
ga'lathriel ('th' pronouced as in 'lathe')
'Tree-garland' (adapted from Galadriel, meaning 'radiant garland')
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A rare later name of Galadriel

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A name occasionally, and incorrectly, used of Galadriel after she became Lady of Lórien, and meaning 'tree-garland'. As the Lady of the Galadhrim, whose capital was at Caras Galadhon, it is perhaps understandable that her name should have become confused with the Elvish word galadh, meaning 'tree'. Nonetheless, this usage was mistaken - her true name 'Galadriel' actually derived from the word galad, 'radiant', and the false variant 'Galadhriel' was never used in her own country of Lórien itself.



We know that this name came into use after Galadriel took up the rule of Lórien with her husband Celeborn; it is related to the name Galadhrim, referring to the people of that land. The precise date of her arrival in Lórien isn't known, but the available evidence points to a date close to III 2000.

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