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Born III 2995 (1395 by the Shire-reckoning); probably died in or before IV 63 (SR 1484)1
Married into the Tooks2
Originally from Long Cleeve in the Northfarthing; settled after her marriage at Great Smials in the Tookland


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Diamond of Long Cleeve

The spouse of Thain Peregrin I

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The wife of Thain Peregrin Took I, and mother of Faramir Took I.



We don't know exactly when Diamond died, but in IV 63, at the age of 94, her husband Peregrin left the Shire and resigned the Thainship to their son Faramir. There's no mention of Diamond associated with this event, which strongly implies that Peregrin was a widower by this point.


Diamond's family before her marriage to Peregrin Took is not stated. Her original home of Long Cleeve was particularly associated with the North-tooks, a distant branch of the Took clan descended from Peregrin's ancestor Bandobras, so there's a possibility that Diamond came from this branch. Doubtless there were other families resident at Long Cleeve, too, so an association with the North-tooks is circumstantial at best.

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