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Emerged some time after about III 2800 (1200 by the Shire-reckoning)1
The Folkland of the North-tooks was around Long Cleeve in the Northfarthing of the Shire
Took is an anglicisation of the Hobbit name Tûk, said to mean 'daring'; the 'North-' prefix refers to their residence in the Northfarthing (while the main branch of the Tooks lived in the Tookland of the Westfarthing)


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North-took Family

Descendants of Bandobras the Bullroarer

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An offshoot of the Took family, who could trace their ancestry back to the line of the Thains of the Shire. More directly, they were the descendants of the famous Bandobras Took, victor of the Battle of Greenfields, who was the second son of Thain Isumbras III. Evidence relating to the history of this family is largely circumstantial, but Bandobras or his heirs appear to have settled in the Northfarthing, and the North-tooks themselves are particularly associated with the town of Long Cleeve.



Dating the first appearance of this family is difficult. Their ancestor Bandobras Took died in III 2806 (S.R. 1206), but it's unclear whether the first North-tooks established themselves during his lifetime, or some time after his death.

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