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Occupied by the Men of the Mountains during the Second Age; part of Gondor through the Third Age and into the Fourth
The valley of the Blackroot, a river flowing out of the southern side of the White Mountains above Erech
Erech stood near the head of the valley; the Blackroot flowed into the Great Sea at Edhellond
In the White Mountains beneath the Dwimorberg, northward of Erech
The Blackroot joined with Ringló at its mouth
Important peaks
The source of the Blackroot lay beneath the Dwimorberg; the Hill of Erech stood within the Vale
The valley ran southward from the southern opening of the Paths of the Dead
The valley of the river Blackroot, so named because its source lay in the deep shadows of the White Mountains
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Blackroot Vale

The valley of the River Morthond

Map of Blackroot Vale

A vale of rich grassland through which the River Blackroot flowed (the river known in Elvish as the Morthond). The river rose beneath the sheer mountainsides of the White Mountains' southern extent, and in the shadowed rocks above its spring was the hidden gateway leading out from the Paths of the Dead.

The people of the vale were known in Gondor for their archery skills, and their lord Duinhir took a small company of his bowmen to the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. With them went Duinhir's sons, Derufin and Duilin, both of whom were lost in the defence of Minas Tirith.

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