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Probably established in the late First Age;1 abandoned III 19812 (endured at least 5,422 years)
On the Bay of Belfalas, at the joint mouths of the rivers Morthond and Ringló
Established by Sindar fleeing the expanding power of Morgoth
Founded by Sindar, later joined by many Silvan Elves
The rivers Morthond and Ringló came together at Edhellond before emptying into the Bay of Belfalas
ethe'llond ('th' as in English 'these')


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A far southern haven of the Elves

Map of Edhellond

An Elf-haven that stood where the River Morthond reached the sea, some fifty miles to the north of Dol Amroth. Edhellond was in lands under the control of Gondor, but the haven was far older than that land of Men; and one tradition recounts its founding by Sindarin mariners even before the end of the First Age.



Edhellond was first settled by Sindarin mariners from the far north, fleeing into the southern lands to escape the growing power of Morgoth the first Dark Lord. We do not have specific dating for this, but the events described suggest that the haven was founded within the closing century of the First Age (though according to an alternative account is was founded by wandering Sindar in the early part of the Second Age).


To be precise, III 1981 is established as the year the last ship sailed from Edhellond (significant as the vessel from which Amroth leapt into the Sea and was lost). It is perhaps conceivable that some Elves remained behind after this date, but it seems rather unlikely.


About this entry:

  • Updated 26 August 2016
  • This entry is complete

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