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Ringló Vale

The upper course of the River Ringló

Map of the Ringló Vale

The River Ringló had its source in a tarn high in the White Mountains, and from there it flowed southwestwards to form a deep valley between two arms of the mountains, to the east of Lamedon. At the head of the Vale was the town of Ethring - presumably the chief town of this region - where the road to Pelargir and Minas Tirith crossed the river. The Ringló itself then left its Vale, and flowed on to the southwest where it eventually reached the Sea at Edhellond.

Politically, it is unclear whether the Vale of Ringló formed its own separate fief of Gondor, or whether it was part of the larger region of Lamedon to the west. Certainly, during the War of the Ring, the Men of this Vale arrived at Minas Tirith independently of their neighbours from Lamedon, and it is strongly implied that they had their own independent lord at that time.

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