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Montes Apenninus

The Apennine Mountains, Mountain Range on the Moon

Feature onThe Moon
Feature typeMontes (mountain range)
QuadranglesLQ-11 and LQ-12
Lunar coordinates19° N, 4° W
DimensionsLength: 600 km
Highest peaks: 5.4 km
Bounding featuresEratosthenes, Mare Imbrium, Mare Vaporum, Palus Putredinis, Montes Caucasus
Individual peaksMons Ampère, Mons Bradley, Mons Hadley, Mons Huygens, Mons Wolff

A significant mountain range on the Moon, forming the southeastern boundary of the Mare Imbrium or Sea of Rains, separating it from the Mare Vaporum. The Apennines run northeastward from the crater Eratosthenes, stretching for some 600km until they reach their northern end at Mons Hadley, near which the Apollo 15 mission landed on 30 July 1971. The Apennine range includes a number of other important peaks and massifs, including Mons Bradley, Mons Ampère and Mons Huygens (the last of which, at a height of more than 5km, is generally considered to be the tallest mountain on the Moon).


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