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Mare Tranquillitatis

Sea of Tranquility, Mare on the Moon

Feature onThe Moon
Feature typeMare (Lunar Sea)
QuadranglesPrimarily LQ-21, but extending into LQ-12, LQ-13 and LQ-20
Lunar coordinates4° S - 19° N, 17 - 45° E
DimensionsDiameter 876km; area c.602,000 sq km
Bounding featuresMare Fecunditatis, Mare Serenitatis
Interior featuresAldrin, Arago, Ariadeus, Armstrong, Cajal, Caudry, Collins, Dawes, Dionysius, Jansen, Maclear, Manners, Maskelyne, Moltke, Plinius, Ritter, Ross, Sabine, Sinas
NotesOne of several prominent seas in the northeastern quadrant of the Moon's face as seen from Earth, Mare Tranquillitatis or the Sea of Tranquility lies southeastward of Mare Serenitatis (the Sea of Serenity) and southwestward of Mare Crisium (the Sea of Crises on the Moon's eastern limb).

A vast grey plain in the northern hemisphere of the Moon. It is most famous as the site of the first manned landing on the Moon, near its southern 'shores' at a point now known as Statio Tranquillitatis (Tranquility Base).


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