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Mare Tranquillitatis

Sea of Tranquility, Mare on the Moon

Feature onThe Moon
Feature typeMare (Lunar Sea)
QuadranglesPrimarily LQ-21, but extending into LQ-12, LQ-13 and LQ-20
Lunar coordinates4° S - 19° N, 17 - 45° E
DimensionsDiameter 876km; area c.602,000 sq km
Bounding featuresMare Fecunditatis, Mare Serenitatis
Interior featuresAldrin, Arago, Ariadeus, Armstrong, Cajal, Caudry, Collins, Dawes, Dionysius, Jansen, Maclear, Manners, Maskelyne, Moltke, Plinius, Ritter, Ross, Sabine, Sinas

A vast grey plain in the northern hemisphere of the Moon. It is most famous as the site of the first manned landing on the Moon, near its southern 'shores' at a point now known as Statio Tranquillitatis (Tranquility Base).


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