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Great Red Spot

Weather pattern on Jupiter

Feature onJupiter
Feature typeWeather pattern (storm)
Jovian coordinates22° S
Dimensions40,200 km west-to-east
14,000 km north-to-south
(maximum dimensions)
Bounding featuresSouth Equatorial Belt
NotesAn immense oval storm, several times larger than the entire planet Earth, that has been raging through the upper atmosphere of Jupiter since at least the seventeenth century, and very probably longer still.
The Great Red Spot on Jupiter

The Great Red Spot is a vast storm in Jupiter's South Equatorial Belt, overlaying the surrounding cloudtops with an immense weather system that takes some six days to rotate around the storm's centre.

A gigantic storm in the clouds of Jupiter that has been raging for centuries. Though it will likely continue for several hundred years more, it is not thought to be a permanent feature, and will eventually dissipate.


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