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Luyten 726-8

Gliese 65, LHS 9, BL Ceti (A), UV Ceti (B)

Proper NameNone
Bayer DesignationNone
Flamsteed NumberNone
HR (BSC)None
HD None
Other DesignationsLuyten 726-8, Gliese 65, LHS 9
Variable DesignationsBL Ceti (A)
UV Ceti (B)
Right Ascension1h 39m 1s (A), 1h 39m 2s (B)
Declination-17° 57' 2" (A), -17° 57' 1" (B)
Distance8.9 light years / 2.7 parsecs (A)
8.7 light years / 2.7 parsecs (B)
MagnitudeApparent: +12.80
Absolute: +15.63 (A), +15.66 (B)
Spectral ClassM5.5V red dwarf (A), M6V red dwarf (B)
Optimum VisibilityOctober / November

Imagery provided by Aladin sky atlas

A binary system consisting of two low-mass red dwarfs, individually designated BL Ceti and UV Ceti, in orbit around one another. This system, one of the closest to our own Sun at 8.7 light years, exhibits violent flaring activity from time to time.


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