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Tejat Posterior, Calx, Pishpai, Mu Geminorum, 13 Geminorum

Proper NamesTejat, Tejat Posterior, Calx, Pishpai
Bayer DesignationMu Geminorum
Flamsteed Number13 Geminorum
HR (BSC)2286
Right Ascension6h 22m 58s
Declination+22° 30' 49"
Distance232 light years
71 parsecs
MagnitudeApparent: +2.9
Absolute: -1.4
Spectral ClassM3IIIab red giant
Optimum VisibilityJanuary
NotesSometimes known as Tejat Posterior to distinguish it from Propus (or Tejat Prior) to the west, the primary star of this system is a huge red giant very late in its life cycle. The star has expanded to reach nearly one Astronomical Unit in diameter.
Relative Galactic Position of Tejat

The Galactic position and direction of Tejat relative to Earth's Sun. Note that, at this extreme scale, the two stars are effectively in the same place.

A triple system in Gemini, more than 230 light years from Earth, of which the main component is a red giant that slowly fluctuates in brightness.


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