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A relatively faint white star that lies within the main body of Orion the Hunter, northward of the three stars that make up Orion's prominent Belt. It lies between two other stars nearby in the sky: to the east, the comparatively brighter star Omega Orionis; and to the west the fainter n1 Orionis. n2 Orionis is not directly related to either of these two blue stars, lying only a fraction of their distance from the Solar System. Being a dwarf star of the main sequence, it is far less inherently luminous than either. This is especially true of Omega Orionis, a giant star that outshines n2 in the skies of Earth, despite lying some four times farther away.

While not significantly luminous in stellar terms, n2 Orionis is nonetheless rather larger and more energetic than the Sun. Its diameter is some three times greater than the Sun's, and the star emits nearly fifty times as much light. The white star is part of a binary system, and is known to have a faint companion designated n2 Orionis B.


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