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Kappa Herculis, 7 Herculis

Proper NameMarsic
Bayer DesignationKappa Herculis
Flamsteed Number7 Herculis
HR (BSC)6008 (A)
6009 (B)
HD145001 (A)
145000 (B)
Right Ascension16h 8m 5s (A)
16h 8m 5s (B)
Declination+17° 2' 49" (A)
+17° 3' 16" (B)
Distance381 light years / 117 parsecs (A)
401 light years / 123 parsecs (B)
MagnitudeApparent: +5.0, Absolute: -0.3 (A)
Apparent: +6.2, Absolute: -2.8 (B)
Spectral ClassG8III yellow giant (A)
K1III orange giant (B)
Optimum VisibilityJune
NotesMarsic or Kappa Herculis is an optical double, a pair of stars that appear close together in the sky, but are actually separated from one another by some considerable distance. Of the two, the yellow giant Kappa Herculis A is the closer to Earth, while orange Kappa Herculis B lies some twenty light years farther away. A third faint star in this region is designated Kappa Herculis C, and this seems to be in orbit around the giant Kappa Herculis A.


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