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A fourth magnitude blue star in the northern parts of Lepus the Hare, where that constellation approaches the feet of Orion to the north. On an imaginary line from Rigel in Orion to Lepus' brightest star Arneb, Lambda Leporis falls almost exactly halfway between the two stars. Together with the slightly fainter Kappa Leporis to the west, Lambda Leporis forms the tip of one of the Hare's two upraised 'ears'.

Imagery provided by Aladin sky atlas

Lambda Leporis lies some 850 light years from the Sun (rather more distant than Kappa Leporis, its apparent neighbour in the sky). This is a subgiant star, not so massive or luminous as a true giant, but nonetheless significantly hotter and instrinsically brighter than the Sun. Its diameter is some five times that of the Sun, and it emits more than a thousand times as much light (and far more energy still in wavelengths beyond those of visible light).


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