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Alpha Arietis, 13 Arietis

Proper NameHamal
Bayer DesignationAlpha Arietis
Flamsteed Number13 Arietis
HR (BSC)617
Right Ascension2h 7m 10s
Declination+23° 27' 45"
Distance66 light years
20 parsecs
MagnitudeApparent: +2.0
Absolute: +0.5
Spectral ClassK2III Orange Giant
Planets in this systemHamal b (Alpha Arietis b), gas giant
Optimum VisibilityNovember
NotesThis old orange star has expanded into the giant phase of its existence. It has a planetary companion, a gas giant about twice the size of Jupiter designated Alpha Arietis b, orbiting the star at a distance comparable with that of the Earth around the Sun.

A variable orange giant star, the brightest in the constellation of Aries. Its name, Hamal, comes from the Arabic for 'sheep'.


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