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Deneb Kaitos Shemali

Iota Ceti, 8 Ceti

Proper NameDeneb Kaitos Shemali
Bayer DesignationIota Ceti
Flamsteed Number8 Ceti
HR (BSC)74
Right Ascension0h 19m 26s
Declination-8° 49' 26"
Distance275 light years
84 parsecs
MagnitudeApparent: +3.5
Absolute: -1.1
Spectral ClassK1II Orange Bright Giant
Optimum VisibilityOctober
NotesAn immense orange star with more than two hundred times the luminosity of the Sun, Deneb Kaitos Shemali represents the northern fluke of the Whale's tail. It is not to be confused with brighter Deneb Kaitos (or Diphda) also part of the tail to the southeast.


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