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Delta2 Gruis

Proper NameNone
Bayer DesignationDelta2 Gruis
Flamsteed NumberNone
HR (BSC)8560
Right Ascension22h 29m 45s
Declination-43° 44' 57"
Distance330 light years
101 parsecs
MagnitudeApparent: +4.15
Absolute: -0.88
Spectral ClassM4.5IIIa red giant
Optimum VisibilitySeptember

The red giant Delta2 Gruis, seen here with its near neighbour, the yellow giant Delta1 Gruis, just a quarter of a degree to the north. The two stars are unrelated, but lie relatively close together in space, being separated by a distance of some twenty light years (Delta2 Gruis being the more distant of the two from the Sun). Imagery provided by Aladin sky atlas


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