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The Crane

Constellation of the southern sky

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Constellation FamilyBayer
Celestial QuadrantSQ4
Right Ascension21h27 to 23h27
Declination-36.3° to -56.4°
Area (sq deg)366
Brightest StarAlnair
Optimum VisibilitySeptember (Usually visible from southern latitudes)
NotesThe stars known today as the constellation of Grus were historically seen as a southern extension of Piscis Austrinus. This group of stars were occasionally referred to as the Heron or the Flamingo before becoming formalised as the constellation of the Crane.
Map of Grus Map of Grus
Relative Galactic Position of Grus

Grus, the constellation of the Crane, contains stars viewed 'downwards' through the Galactic disc, which accounts for its sparse nature.

A constellation of the southern sky, lying immediately south of the bright star Fomalhaut. Important features are the hot blue star Alnair, and the easily distinguished double star of Delta Gruis.


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