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Alrai, Gamma Cephei, 35 Cephei

Proper NamesErrai, Alrai
Bayer DesignationGamma Cephei
Flamsteed Number35 Cephei
HR (BSC)8974
Right Ascension23h 39m 21s
Declination+77° 37' 57"
Distance44 light years
14 parsecs
MagnitudeApparent: +3.2
Absolute: +2.5
Spectral ClassK1IIICN1 orange giant
Planets in this systemTadmor (Errai A b), gas giant
Optimum VisibilitySeptember / October (Usually visible from northern latitudes)
NotesThe orange giant at the heart of the Errai system has at least one planetary companion, a gas giant designated Gamma Cephei A b or Tadmor. Also in orbit around the primary giant star is a red dwarf with less than half the mass of the Sun, making Errai a binary system.

Imagery provided by Aladin sky atlas

Location of Errai

One of the most northerly prominent stars with a declination of nearly eighty degrees, Errai is directly between the 'W' shape of Cassiopeia and the polar constellation Ursa Minor.

Errai (also commonly called Alrai) is a star of the subgiant class, orange in colour, that lies nearly fifty light years from Earth\'s Solar System. It is not far from the Northern Celestial Pole, and will take the role of Pole Star in the future - about a thousand years from now, Errai will be much closer to the Pole than it is today.


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