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133 Tauri

A fifth-magnitude star in the eastern ranges of Taurus, within the area where that constellation extends toward Orion (133 Tauri lies approximately northward of Orion's bright red star Betelgeuse). 133 Tauri is a hot blue star, some three times the Sun's diameter and more then two hundred times as luminous. This places at the blue end of the main sequence of stellar evolution, at a point between a typical main sequence star and a subgiant.

Imagery provided by Aladin sky atlas

There is some uncertainty over the distance to this star. The Hipparcos survey measured its parallax at 5.15, which equates to a distance of about 633 light years (and this is the value commonly quoted in most sources). Data from the more recent Gaia mission gives a parallax value, however, of 3.46, which implies a much greater distance of some 943 light years from the Sun.


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