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Source of the HIP and Tycho star catalogues

Astrometric observatory

Launch Date8 August 1989
Decommission Date15 August 1993
Stars CataloguedHipparcos: 118,218
Tycho: 1,058,332
Tycho-2: 2,539,913
Brightest Star cataloguedSirius in Canis Major (HIP 32349)
NotesThe name 'Hipparcos' is derived from the mission's fuller title of High Precision Parallax Collecting Satellite. Over a period of just over five years, this satellite collected detailed astrometric data for over a hundred thousand stars. Data from the resulting detailed catalogue uses the 'HIP' prefix to identify catalogue numbers for Hipparcos stars, and 'TYC' for the more extensive but less detailed Tycho catalogues.


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