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Proper NameSaffar
DesignationsTitawin b, Upsilon Andromedae A b, Upsilon Andromedae b
ClassificationGas giant
Orbital Period4 days, 15 hours
Mean Distance from Titawin8.9 million km
0.06 AU
Mass1.8 x Jupiter
DiameterNot known
Mean Surface Temperature1,440 K (1,167°C)
Parent starTitawin (Upsilon Andromedae), bright yellow dwarf in Andromeda
Other planets in this systemMajriti (Titawin d), gas giant
Samh (Titawin c), gas giant
Titawin e, hypothetical exoplanet
NotesThe innermost and least massive of three gas giant planets orbiting the star Titawin or Upsilon Andromedae. Titawin is in fact a binary star, with Saffar and its fellow planets orbiting the primary bright yellow dwarf (Upsilon Andromedae A) while its red dwarf companion follows a much more distant orbit of its own.

The innermost of the three planetary companions of Titawin or Upsilon Andromedae. Its orbit is astonishingly close to its parent star at just under 9 million kilometres, and it completes this orbit so rapidly that its 'year' lasts less than five days.