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Proper NameMajriti
DesignationsTitawin d, Upsilon Andromedae A d, Upsilon Andromedae d
ClassificationGas giant
Orbital Period1,283 days
Mean Distance from Titawin378 million km
2.53 AU
Mass8.9 x Jupiter
DiameterNot known
Mean Surface Temperature218 K (-55°C)
Parent starTitawin (Upsilon Andromedae), bright yellow dwarf in Andromeda
Other planets in this systemSaffar (Titawin b), gas giant
Samh (Titawin c), gas giant
Titawin e, hypothetical exoplanet
NotesMajriti is the outermost of three confirmed planets in orbit around Titawin, one of two stars that make up the binary Upsilon Andromedae system (though an unconfirmed fourth, more distant, planet possibly also exists within the system). Majriti and its fellow planets belong to the first extrasolar system with multiple planets to be idenfitied, one of many such systems now known to exist.

Imagery provided by Aladin sky atlas


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