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Cervantes d, Mu Arae d, HD 160691 d

One of four known planets in orbit around the yellow subgiant star Cervantes (or Mu Arae) in the constellation of Ara, a star a little over fifty light years from the Solar System. Each of the planets in this system is named for one of the main characters in Cervantes' Don Quixote, and Rocinante takes its name from the horse ridden by Don Quixote himself.

Rocinante is the second planet of Cervantes, after the smaller Dulcinea (which follows a very close orbit around its parent star). A little farther out from the star than Rocinante is the gas giant Quijote, and much further out still, in the depths of the system, is the even more massive Sancho, at an orbital distance comparable with Jupiter's within the Solar System.

Rocinante averages a distance of 0.92 AU from Cervantes, and completes an orbit in 310.6 days. This orbit therefore places it only slightly closer to the star Cervantes than Earth is to the Sun (though because Cervantes is rather more luminous than the Sun, Rocinante lies well inside the inner edge of its habitable zone). The mass of Rocinante has been measured as approximately half that of Jupiter, and so it is most likely a small gas giant, rather than a very massive terrestrial planet.


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