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Kepler-97 b

KOI-292 b, KIC 11075737 b

Proper NameNone
DesignationsKepler-97 b, KIC 11075737 b, KOI-292 b, KOI-292.01
ClassificationSuper Earth
Orbital Period2 days, 14 hours
Mean Distance from Kepler-975.4 million km
0.04 AU
Mass3.50 x Earth
Diameter1.48 x Earth
TemperatureNot known
Parent starKepler-97, yellow dwarf in Cygnus
Other planets in this systemKepler-97 c, Earth-mass planet
KOI-292.02, unconfirmed exoplanet
The orbits of planets in the Kepler-97 system The orbits of planets in the Kepler-97 system

Kepler-97 b follows an orbit that carries it extremely close to its star, at a distance of only about eight stellar radii, so that its 'year' lasts less than three days. Its companion within the Kepler-97 system, the gas giant Kepler-97 c, follows a rather more distant orbit (though if it orbited the Sun, even this more distant planet would be considered part of the inner system).