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K2-219 d

EPIC 220592745 d, EPIC 220592745.03

Proper NameNone
DesignationsK2-219 d, EPIC 220592745 d, EPIC 220592745.03
ClassificationEarth-mass planet
Orbital Period11 days, 4 hours
Mean Distance from K2-21914.7 million km
0.10 AU
MassNot known
Diameter2.5 x Earth
TemperatureNot known
Parent starK2-219, probable yellow dwarf star in Pisces
Other planets in this systemK2-219 b, Earth-mass planet
K2-219 c, Earth-mass planet
NotesThe largest and most massive of three apparently rocky planets in orbit around K2-219, a star 1,100 light years from the Sun in the constellation of Pisces. This is an extremely compact system, with even K2-219 d, the outermost planet, following an orbital distance less than a tenth that of Earth from the Sun.