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Gliese 581 g

HO Librae g
Unofficially named 'Zarmina' or 'Zarmina's World'

Proper NamesZarmina, Zarmina's World (unofficial names)
DesignationsGliese 581 g, HO Librae g
ClassificationSuper Earth
Orbital Period37 days
Mean Distance from Gliese 58122 million km
Mass3.5 x Earth
Diameter1.3 - 2.0 x Earth
TemperatureNot known
Parent starGliese 581 (HO Librae), red dwarf star in Libra
Other planets in this system Gliese-581 b, gas giant
Gliese-581 c, super Earth
Gliese-581 d, super Earth
Gliese-581 e, super Earth
Gliese-581 f, Earth-mass planet (unconfirmed)
NotesThe initial detection of this extrasolar planet in the year 2010 is still awaiting definitive confirmation, and conceivably the planet may not exist at all. If Gliese 581 g can be confirmed, however, it is an important discovery as one of the most Earth-like exoplanets yet found.


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