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Proper NameDraugr
DesignationsPSR B1257+12 b, PSR B1257+12 A
ClassificationEarth-mass planet
Orbital Period25 days, 6 hours
Mean Distance from Lich28.4 million km
0.2 AU
Mass0.02 x Earth
DiameterNot known
TemperatureNot known
Parent objectLich (PSR B1257+12), pulsar in Virgo
Other planets in this systemPoltergeist (Lich c), super Earth
Phobetor (Lich d), super Earth
NotesOne of the earliest extrasolar planets to be discovered, Draugr is also one of the least massive. It is the innermost member of a system with three solid planets, the others being Poltergeist and Phobetor, and all three follow close, rapid orbits around the pulsar known as Lich, some 2,300 light years from the Solar System.

The crosshair on this image marks the position of the Lich pulsar and its planets, though they cannot be seen directly. The bright star to the south is third-magnitude Vindemiatrix or Epsilon Virginis. Imagery provided by Aladin sky atlas


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