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2MASS 0122-2439 b

2MASS J01225093-2439505 b

Proper NameNone
Designation2MASS 0122-2439 B (2MASS J01225093-2439505 B)
ClassificationBrown Dwarf (L-type)
Orbital PeriodNot known
Mean Distance from 2MASS 0122-2439c.7,800 million km
52 AU
MassUncertain; 11 to 27 x Jupiter
DiameterNot known
Temperaturec.1,400 K (c.1,100°C)
Parent star2MASS 0122-2439 A, red dwarf in Cetus
Other planets in this systemNone
NotesAn immense planet-like body, at least 11 times the mass of Jupiter and perhaps as many as 27 times that mass, 2MASS 0122-2439 b is a brown dwarf, a body nearly massive enough to form a star in its own right.

Imagery provided by Aladin sky atlas